Fall 2019 MyStory Student Volunteer Mengna

Hi everyone! My name is Mengna and I am an international student from China, majoring in Business Administration. Now I’m a Student Assistant both in Center for Leadership and Service and the Intensive English Language Program. As a sophomore student in this college, all the way from China to USA, I have been through homesickness, culture shock, anxiety, confusion, and so much more.

I am willing and glad to share all of my stories and experiences with everyone. Project MyStory is not just a storytelling event, but a stress release, a release if you are suffering, and a place to make new friends. We are all here to help and patiently listen to all your problems, and to help you find a solution.

The first program is Monday, September 9 at 6:30 p.m, in Science Library Room 340. The topic of the evening: “Adjusting to a New Academic Culture: It’s a Different World.”

Flyer for the 1st Student-to-Student Success Series

Project MyStory Student-to-Student Postcard Back

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