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#Peer2Peer: Where do you Study?

dog-734689_960_720.jpgLooking for a place to look over your notes before the big test? Are your roommates throwing a party the night before? Can’t find anywhere to settle in the library? Look no further as you’ll learn some of the secret and not-so-secret spots for studying to ensure you get that A you deserve!

Not Just in Your Room or The Library – Explore UAlbany and find your spot! 

res hall basement.jpgWe’ll start off with some of the closer locations to your room. If you’re living in a low-rise, head down to your basement. If you’re a resident in one of the towers, check to see if the penthouse is open. You’ll find yourself in one of two situations. You might be totally isolated, free from distraction, if that’s what you prefer. Alternatively, you could find others just like you, searching for solitude. In fact, it’s very possible you’re all studying for the same test. This makes for the perfect environment to meet new people and study more efficiently. This impromptu study group could be the beginning of an insurmountable alliance as you all coast to victory throughout the semester.

Maybe you’ve been fighting a cabin fever and need some fresh air to turn the gears in your brain. Take advantage of the convenient seating right by the fountain to review for your exam. It’s also good for small groups and especially advantageous if you want to do some last minute cramming before that quiz. When you’re all done, you can just head right in to the testing location.

grassy patches.jpg

Another popular study site is right out on the quad. Take a load off and lay in the grass as breeze through your notes. Reward your dedication to good grades by having a quick picnic or tossing a Frisbee.

campus center maybe.jpg
“Have a lunch date with your textbook.”

A good way to save time is by multitasking while munching. Have a lunch date with your textbook as you get to know each other better. Pick a quiet spot so you’re not distracted. Try looking for seating designed for people eating alone. At the end of your meal, you’ll have fed both your stomach and your brain. Just be sure not to drop food on your notes. They’re not very useful if you can’t read them.

personal-1264695_960_720Finally, the best place to study is with your professor or teaching assistant during their office hours. What better place to learn than from the source themselves? This one on one session will ensure that you get the attention you need to reinforce those topics you’re still unsure about. Some office hours can only be attended by appointment only, so be sure to ask your professor after class or refer to your syllabus.

If you find it difficult to study in your room or can’t make it to the library, don’t fret, because you definitely have options. Whether it’s downstairs in the basement or outside by the fountain, you’ll have the space you desire to do some review. Don’t be afraid and broaden your horizons by trying a new study habit. You never know, it could be exactly what you need. Now you’re all set for success, so go out there and ace that test!

UAlbany Study Spaces that ASC Advisors Like:
 - Yes, we like the Library. Some of us really like Dewey Library (Downtown).
 - The Piano rooms in the Performing Arts Center
 - The 2nd floor Reception Area of the Performing Arts Center (PAC)
 - Indian Tower
 - The Science Library with its pretty views
 - The large table in the Advisement Services Center
 - Many of us love the fountain. 
 - The green space in between the Main Library and the Social Science Buildings
 - The Cherry blossomed green space between the PAC and the Biology Building
 - The Circle of Seats in between the Education and Humanities Buildings (Bsmt)

What are some other places you like to study? Comment below!


About the Author:
Jon Rafaniello is a Peer Advisor in the Advisement Services Center, majoring in Business Administration.




Established in March 2015, Project MyStory is a community building effort to help students better acclimate to UAlbany and to work more effectively toward their goals. We began in UAlbany’s Academic Support Center (ASC), where you will see many of the posters featured above. We are now co-housed in ASC and in the Center for International Education and Global Strategy (CIEGS).

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