rock-partridge-50362_960_720It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone (If you celebrate any)! And happy… finals! Yep, that’s right. On the first day of Christmas my prfinalsofessor gave to me 3 research papers and 5 final exams. It can be overwhelming. The holidays aren’t the same anymore in college. No time for putting up the Christmas tree with the family or eating a feast that could feed an army. You’ve got finals on the way.

It can seem pretty dreary and it can be hard to stay focused when all you want to do is drink hot cocoa in front of a fire place. As a senior I’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to stay focused during this trying time, with room for holiday fun.

  1. Try Instrumental Music

When you’re studying, try listening to instrumental music instead of music with lyrics. There are plenty on Spotify to choose from. By listening to music without the lyrics you won’t be able to get as distracted as much as you would with catchy words sung to you and you can concentrate on the words in front of you.

  1. Study in Hour Increments

By studying in portions, you won’t become too overwhelmed with your work. Study for an hour, then rest for 10 minutes. Either checking Facebook quickly or watching a funny YouTube video. This can give your mind some time to rest during the stress.

  1. Keep out of Social Media

In order to ensure you are studying in hour increments, you can visit; It’s an extension to your browser which can block you from any social media websites. You can time them as well, making sure it only lasts for one hour at a time.

  1. Mark your Calendar

It can be difficult to concentrate when you’re thinking about winter break and when you finally get to go home. Try marking the date on your calendar when you get to go home. By unnameddoing this you can see the exact date so you can keep track of how many days you have left by saying, “I only have 3 weeks left” instead of, “I have so many days left.”

  1. Give Yourself a Day Off

Make sure that you can wake up late one morning. Take the day to go out to brunch with your friends or go and see a movie. Give yourself a relax day once a week. The best for me has always been Sundays. I make sure I get my work done before Sunday so I can relax and breathe for a moment.

  1. Remember your Purpose

Sometimes we forget why we’re doing our work. Remember your why. This can help you find purpose in your work and give you motivation. Also, try to find the fun in your work. You chose this major because it was something you are intrigued by. Forget about the grade and find that interest you once had. Your assignments will be done in no time and you will be happy doing it.

  1. Remember what your Prize Is

Sure, it is stressful right now. But remember that when this is all over your prize is that relaxation you desperately need, but you are not going to achieve that ultimate bliss of relaxation by holding off your assignment until the next day. You achieve this by finally getting done.

  1. Make Your List and Check It Off

When assignments are piling up it can cause you more harm to try to keep it all in your mind. Write it down on a piece of paper. Organize your thoughts. Finish the assignment with the most work or the one that’s due first thing. You may be amazed at the limited amount of time it actually takes to finish your assignment.

In the end we all get through it. We get through the all-nighters, the limited amount of food, and the astronomical amount of coffee; but we get it done. At some point you may finally look back and smile to yourself and remember that it was all worth it. You got this. Don’t give up.


img_20160825_083203-002Elizabeth B.
Class of 2018
Major: Communication
Minor: Art
Blog Theme: Homebody for Everybody


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