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WHY IT’S OKAY TO MOVE BACK HOME: It’s not over yet

So, you’ve been here for a substantial amount of time. You’ve made friends, joined a couple clubs, gotten through your classes… everything should feel fine, but something is still missing. It’s not home. And maybe it will never be. That’s okay.

I moved to Albany just last Spring. I moved into the apartments on campus, I made friends and now live with them, I joined a couple clubs, had an internship, did some community service… a lot of people could say that I’m successful here. But believe it or not, this isn’t what I want. Don’t get me wrong. I love this school and everything about it, but moving here for school definitely helped me realize something. I love my hometown. I’m homesick for my hometown. I don’t necessarily miss living with my family. Believe me, the extra space in my own apartment is nice, but I miss the environment of my hometown.

When I was growing up, my hometown was in an economic crisis. Even my parents were ready to leave. However, since we introduced a few new businesses to the area we have been substantially much better as a community. My hometown is really stepping up its game and I want to be a part of it.

liz1Growing up, I was always encouraged to move out in order to be successful. When I graduated high school and chose to go to a community college first, I was considered to be a slacker, someone who just wanted to settle. I refused to take this title and so when I transferred I promised I would go to a big city and make a name for myself, but I know where my heart still is and it’s back in my hometown.

Moving back home isn’t a failure. Our hometowns need our college minds to come back and make something out of the community. It’s not the city that makes you, it’s you that makes the city. Who else is going to improve our community aside from our parents and grandparents. Moving back home isn’t settling. As long as you’ve explored your other options and seen what else is out there, you aren’t settling when you move back, you are doing what makes you happy.

A favorite quote I like to go by is from Kacey Musgraves, “same trailer, different park.” No matter where you go you’ll be experiencing the same thing, the only difference is your environment, so you might as well choose an environment that makes you happy. So break the mold, move back, and improve your community with the brilliant mind you have.

img_20160825_083203-002Elizabeth B.
Class of 2018
Major: Communication
Minor: Art
Blog Theme: Homebody for Everybody


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