My inspiration for my blog this week came from my garbage can that’s overflowing with tissues as well as empty bags of cough drops that sit on my night stand. Yes, as Albany temperatures continue to drop, the number of sick students has risen drastically. It’s bound to happen with so many people sharing the same area, whether it be the dorms, the bathrooms, or even the bus. The germs have come out to play. To say I hate this time of year is an understatement, as I have without fail, gotten sick every year I’ve been here. The worst part about getting sick in college is the longevity of the sickness, as it never seems to truly go away for weeks. The number of people spreading different sicknesses sweeps through the whole campus and also everybody gets a taste of it. One year I came down with strep throat and when that finally cleared up I got a sinus infection. I couldn’t catch a break back then and still can’t now as I spent my weekend permanently glued to my bed.

     Now with the excitement of starting college one of the biggest things people overlook is possibility of getting sick, which isn’t hard considering all the other exciting things going on. Yep you never really think about that, I know I certainly didn’t, but the first time it did disgusting-1300592_960_720happen, you better believe, the first thing I wanted was my mommy.

  Here I was, so excited to be on my own with any adults yet when I got sick I turned back into a helpless child who needed her mother. I remember waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning one-night dripping in sweat, on the verge of tears and I grabbed my phone and called my mom. Of course she answered despite the time, because that’s what mothers do, they’re there for their children no matter what. I begged my mom to come up to Albany and take of me, I felt so helpless and small I didn’t even care how unrealistic the request was. Of course logically my mom couldn’t drive 3 and a half hours just to take my temperature and make me a fresh batch of chicken noodle soup, but when she actually said the words I realized for the first time that I was really on my own.

  One of the worst things about being sick in college is that the world continues on around around you. It’s not like high school where your mom can just call and let them know you won’t be attending that day. No, you have to drag your miserable aching body out of your warm comfortable bed, the only place that helps the sickness even a little bit, and sit through hours of class. It’s the modern day torture device that the college education system has instilled on the nation’s youths, comparable to those of the medieval times. Being sick is also the only time you’re really alone, and trust me it’s not by choice. All your healthy friends are out doing whatever they want and definitely staying as far away from you as possible. And don’t even think about catching up on school work in your solitude, because your pounding head will only be able to take the complexity of binge watching Netflix. After watching your 75th episode in a row your body will finally allow you to sleep but don’t worry it’s not long before your fever chills wake you up. Yes, being sick really sucks and being sick in college,  really, really sucks but when it’s finally over it’s like emerging from a cocoon as a beautiful butterfly ready to get your life back together.

  Whatever the sickness, I definitely suggest taking a trip to the health center, down the road from campus, because it really does help. They will be able to tell you what’s wrong and tell you the best ways to help conquer your sickness. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll be heading back to bed, I still got a couple days before I emerge from my cocoon and my heated blanket and cup of tea are calling my name.

How do you handle life in college when you are sick? Comment below!

melissa-ferringMelissa F.
Class of 2018
Majors: Spanish & Communication
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