Nicholle’s Story

Nicholle Gregor
Nicholle Gregor
Class of 2016
Major: Informatics Concentration: Interactive User Experience
Minors: Art and Sustainability

Upon entering the University, I came in completely undecided. I knew that I was interested in Art but wasn’t sure where a degree in that would lead me. I was interested in learning more about computer science but coding and creating programs frightened me. After taking several classes and changing my major a few times I finally found my perfect fit with the Informatics Department. With the introduction of their new concentrations and the exposure to Human Interactive Design I organization-chart-817363_640learned that I can incorporate art into the technology world and make a career out of it. Not knowing what career path you want to follow in your life is scary, especially when you’re entering college and it seems like everyone already knows what medical school they’re applying too. I was extremely overwhelmed and became incredibly thankful for having such an amazing academic advisor my first year here. Rachel Moody really understood that I was lost and helped guide me onto the right path, without her I would probably still be just as confused as I was the first day I walked into her office.

My advice for students that are struggling is to focus on you. Figure out what it is that you love to do, find something that is interesting to you and stick to it. Do some research on the subject because there are so many opportunities out there that as a young college students we are unaware of. Aside from being a full time student I work a part-time job as well as maintaining the position of Marketing Director at a local start-up company called Twill.

Recycling IconI found my home at UAlbany with the University’s Office of Environmental Sustainability. Though that may seem off as I’m an Informatics Major, I got extremely involved with the on-campus student group UAlbany Students for Sustainability my freshman year. I have always had a passion for helping the environment but knew that I wasn’t strong science student so rather than making Environmental Science my major, I went on the path to make it a minor as well as a hobby. Now after being involved with the student group for three years I have held the position of Vice President for two of them, now as a senior I finally get the chance to be President of the group. I also currently hold the position of Community Co-Chair on the Sustainability Council, Vice President for UAlbany Outdoors, Treasurer for UAlbany Grow Green, and the Community Assistant for the World of Environmental Sustainability LLC. I have taken part in so many incredible opportunities while working with these groups. Finding a home with the people that work in that office and on the Sustainability council really helped shaped me into the person I am today.

I think it is so important for new students to get involved. Sure you’re away at college for the first time, you want to party, go out, and meet new people but being involved with a group NIcholle G in Treesbenefits you so much. Don’t just get involved your last year of college because that’s when you suddenly realize you have nothing to put on your resume. Join a group you like! And if you can’t find one, find a professor and a few friends to help you start one up! I’ve seen so many new groups and ideas develop into realities while being here that ANYTHING is possible. Don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid of what others are going to think of you. Strive to be a better you, be someone that you want to look up to. College isn’t about just getting by; it’s about getting the most out of your four years here.

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  1. Miguel Dominguez

    Thank you, this was the kind of advice I was looking for, I came to Ualbany thinking i would like the 3+2 engineering program but I don’t, now I’m not sure what to study, but I know where to start

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