MyStory Fall 2016 Workshops

This semester, Project MyStory has prepared several workshops and story circles to help you focus, refocus, plan for your future, and thrive. These workshops are not lectures, they are quite interactive and may sometimes involve glue! Joe D. , Asha P., Ashley W. and Leobianny H. (pictured above) are your facilitators this semester. Take a break and be refreshed. Attendee limit 15. Register ASAP. We hope to see you there!

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Through the Looking Glass:
A Look at the Past and Present to Make the Best of the Future

Facilitator: Ashley W. – 6 Workshops

The Soundtrack to Our Lives
Thursday, September 15 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
Each participant will spend some time in self-reflection, given prompt questions to think about what song(s) embody their entire life up until this point or a specific space/place they were in. We will share our songs, stories and hopes.

A Walk in My Shoes – Facilitated with  Joe D. (2016 Orientation Leader)
Thursday, September 29 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
Each person will be asked to bring a pair of shoes (or shoe) and recount a place/story of where the shoes have been. We will use the shoes and our stories to show that you cannot judge a book or one’s shoes by their appearance. Rules will be set to make the space safe.

Whether attending or not, that week, we will ask everyone who is able to donate a pair of gently used shoes that are no longer being used. We will bring them to a local women’s shelter and homeless shelter in Albany and Troy, NY.

Refocusing Workshop (Midterm Recuperation)
Thursday, October 20 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
This workshop will be all about resetting the mind and spirit in the middle of the semester. We will talk about how we may have gotten off track and how we can get back on.

IAM.pngI Am Collage
Thursday, November 3 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
Mod Podge will be involved. Get ready to relax and get your hands dirty!  This will be a creative workshop where we put our identities on canvas. Who are you? Who do you hope to be? 

What I Hold in My Hands
Thursday, November 17 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
This is another workshop with craft materials focusing on our gifts and skills. Thinking about the future can be frightening, but it does not have to be. Come to this workshop and let us colorfully articulate our capabilities and our dreams.

The Vision
Thursday, December 1 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
We will look to the future and plan with as many art tools as we can muster up. Finals will be right around the corner and the semester will be over. Let us get together to get it together.

“Here” @ UAlbany
Facilitator: Asha P. – 5 Workshops

Path to Getting “Here”
Tuesday, September 20 at 2pm in Humanities Room 134
Everyone has a different road that brought them to UAlbany. For some, being here is a revolutionary act. Others are 3rd generation Great Danes. Let us talk about how we got here. We believe in the power of personal stories to strengthen communities and attack ignorance. Come, share, and learn.

Struggle of Being “Here”
Tuesday, October 4 at 2pm in Humanities Room 134 CANCELED
How have you changed since you have been here at UAlbany? Is this experience all that  you thought it would be or is it altogether different. Asha will share her experiences of being a college student and how she has transformed and she will invite you to do the same.

Relationships “Here” and There
Tuesday, October 18 at 2pm in Humanities Room 134
In this workshop attendees and I will speak about what has become of friendships, family, relationships etc. since we become a college students; What relationships/connections have we made within our new environment; Also how these new relationships have opened our eyes.

What You’ve Become “Here”
Tuesday, November 1 at 2pm in Humanities Room 134
By the time this workshop happens we will be well settled in the semester. A discussion about how the college experience has changed us should be easy to share. Are we who we thought we would be? Has progress been made within ourselves?  Are there any more goals we have yet to fulfill this semester (academic or personal)?  What have we become since we have been here?

What’s After “Here”
Tuesday, November 15 at 2pm in Humanities Room 134
The title says it all! Based on what we have become and what we have experienced, let is talk about our next steps. What do we need to bring our short term goals into reality? How can we help one another succeed?

Embracing the Uncomfortable
Facilitator: Leobianny H. – 3 Workshops

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Thursday, September 22 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
As students at UAlbany, we are often asked to do things that are uncomfortable, whether it is working in groups, living with strangers, seeking help, dealing with criticism of our work in a way that we may have never experienced. Let us talk about how we are forced to get out of our comfort zone and what we do about it.

Dealing with Distractions
Thursday, October 6 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
Whether it is live at home, life on campus, or the weather, there are about a thousand potential distractions that could prevent us from reaching their goals. Let’s talk about how we have successfully or unsuccessfully dealt with distractions. Let us learn from one another as we share.

I am the Impossible
Thursday, October 13 at 8pm in the Student Success Center on State Quad
For many Danes,  it is rebellion for them to be in college. Despite finances, previous academic records, life experiences, etc., they are here. I am here! Some are thriving and some are gasping for air, but they are all here trying to do their best. How can we stay focused when things seem impossible? How can we help one another to reflect on all that we have already done, to give us strength to keep moving forward? Let’s share our stories!

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