About Us

The UAlbany Advisement Services Center seeks to contribute to and enhance undergraduate student success by encouraging informed decision-making about academic and career goals in a supportive way.

The ASC Chat Lounge is a space for students, faculty, community partners, and staff (especially advisors) to share their experiences, words of inspiration and practical information with other students. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you would like to earn college credit as a student blogger or if you would like to simply submit one post, please contact Rachel Moody at rsmoody@albany.edu.

The University requires that every student meet with their academic advisor every semester to assist students in course planning and in taking advantage of all that UAlbany has to offer.

All incoming freshmen students and all transfer students whose major is not declared are assigned an academic advisor in the Advisement Services Center. Once students have decided on their academic path and have fulfilled any requirements necessary, they are declared into their majors assigned new advisors from their respective departments. We remain available to these students as a means of support throughout their college career.

The Advisement Services Center offers walk-in consultations with academic advisors to all undergraduates to supplement mandatory meetings with their departmental advisors.

In addition to the advisement services aforementioned, we offer the following services:

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