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Why Can’t I Get into a Class that is Open?


During the next few weeks, we are going to address some frequently asked registration questions. If you have a general registration question and you think other UAlbany students would benefit from the answer, please leave it in the comments and we will address it in a post.

Why Can’t I Get into a Class that is Open?

  1. Reserved Seats (Updated 11/15/16): The seats for your desired section of the class may be reserved. You may see which seats are available to you and which seats are reserved for other student groups two ways:A) Via  the “Schedule of Classes Search” page: . This link is also  found under the Academics Tab in your MyUAlbany Account.B) Via the Student Schedule Planner . When you are viewing potential schedules, you may click on the information icon which will reveal whether the seats in a particilar class are reserved. If you know that you meet the requirement for the reserved seats (e.g. seats are available for intended psychology majors and you are pursuing this major), perhaps your academic plan needs to be updated. Contact your advisor.
  2. Prerequisites Part 1: The course you want has a prerequisite that you have not taken.
  3. Prerequisites Part 2: The course you want has a prerequisite that you have taken at another college, but the system does not recognize the course as fulfilling the requirement. In cases like these, please request permission to add the course from the respective department. You should supply a copy of your degree audit.
  4. Your Student Status: The course requires you to be a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.
  5. You are a Senior. You are a senior and you wish to take a 100-level course. Seniors seeking to take a 100-level course may seek permission from the Undergraduate Education office via the “Request for Exception to Policy Restricting Seniors in 100-Level Courses” This form must be signed by your advisor. This petition is a request and it may be denied.
  6. Too Many Credits: Adding the course would increase your credit load to over 19 credits. You may petition the Undergraduate Education office to take more than 19 credits via the “Request to Exceed 19 Credit Hour Maximum” This form must be signed by your advisor. This petition is a request and it may be denied.
  7. Too Advanced: This pertains mostly to our math courses, but there are other courses that apply here.  Essentially, you cannot go backwards. For example: you cannot receive credit for taking  MAT101 – Algebra and Calculus I if you have already taken MAT112 Calculus I. For a more detailed reading of the policy, check the course description of the desired course you with to take. The course description link is under the Academic tab in your MyUAlbany account.
  8. Secret Password: Some courses require a permission number. Sometimes you must obtain permission from the instructor and other times, they are distributed by the department. See number 1 on this list.
  9. Something not listed above: Contact your academic advisor!

Written by Rachel Moody, Academic Advisor in ASC

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