path-bannerThis last week I found myself making slow but deliberate steps towards my future, and it feels great to know that I am finally on a path.  In my last post I wrote about the impact of  meeting my favorite poet this week.  He inspired me to dig a little deeper and go for the things I want out of life, even if it is only for just now.  So this past weekend, not only have I have finally started my application to graduate school at the University at Albany, but I have decided what program and field of work I want to get into as well, though it may not be what you think.

Many of you may be thinking, “Oh you definitely applied to continue with your English students”, or “maybe she’ll start working on her MFA since she loves creative writing so much”. But nope, while these were all, definitely, real options that I have mulled over in my mind, I actually decided something completely out of the norm of what I ever thought I would be doing after graduation. 

After my last two “Internship in Higher Education” classes, we did this activity that involved speed networking.  Through this experience I was able to talk to some professionals within the realm of higher education and was surprised to find that a career in Higher Ed does not necessarily mean that I will be working in a class room setting, or even in the immediate academic setting.  I was able to meet with various people within the network of Student Affairs, such as Student Engagement, Student Care Services, Residential Life, etc. and I just remember suddenly being filled with hope.  These positions and areas of interest were some of the few things that I have thought about as an option for me that didn’t fill me with a sense of dread or indifference.

Throughout my entire undergraduate career, I have always been involved, and now, as it is coming to an ending, I realize that the only other thing that I was super passionate about besides literature, was campus involvement.  There have been many times when I have talked to people who seemed a little lost in their college experience, and after suggesting some ways in which they could get involved, they always feel better.

I truly believe that the success rate and the overall quality of life for a student here cannot solely be based off of academics anymore.  More people – students, professors, staff, and administrators, need to come together to figure out the best resources, activities, programs, living situations, etc. humanly possible, and how to give these students and other students, access to them

Even though I did not realize it until now, I was always an advocate for higher education within my student population, and even though it took me getting an internship in my very last semester of college to figure this out, I finally have some faith restored in the fact that my post-graduation plans are looking bright.

So if I had any advice to give anyone who was in the same boat as I was, I would definitely encourage them to relax as much as they can, and really focus in on the things you notice you enjoy and care about.  Those things helped me find my way to the path I’m on now, and maybe it could help you find yours.

Breathe in. Breath out.
Regroup & Refocus.
Listen to your heart, and follow it
Because no matter how slow it goes,
it’ll always lead you to the right place.

Please Note: The views of our student bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of the UAlbany Advisement Services Center. These are their stories  –  their voices.
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Brittany N.
Class of 2017
Major: English
Minors: Psychology and Education
Blog Theme:
Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You.


Established in March 2015, Project MyStory is a community building effort to help students better acclimate to UAlbany and to work more effectively toward their goals. We began in UAlbany’s Academic Support Center (ASC), where you will see many of the posters featured above. We are now co-housed in ASC and in the Center for International Education and Global Strategy (CIEGS).

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