So Valentines Day is coming up quickly this week, and I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!  Valentine’s Day is actually one of my favorite holidays, and not just because it involves an excuse to binge on lots of good food and chocolate…although that is a plus! Ha ha!  But, it is also my favorite holiday for these three reasons below:

#1: Love is beautiful.

Growing up, admittedly I’ve always been the hopeless romantic type.  I found myself over indulging in romantic comedies, and in love with this idea of balls, beautiful gowns, and handsome guys that would stop and stare at you as if time was frozen itself…

Well, obviously I grew up from that fantasy just a little.  Balls have turned into house parities or bars.  Gowns are now tight jeans, and crop tops or Body-con dresses.  And furthermore, instead of time freezing, it sped up so fast, that you could barely see the face of the guy who was now pulling your waist in to dance.  Trust me, I’m no stranger to this reality.  But I think the possibly of what love could be, is what I find so beautiful and exciting.  Cupid could strike his arrow when you very least expect it, and don’t be afraid when he does.


#2: Friends.

Now moving on from the idea of romantic love… Full disclaimer: I do not currently have a significant other, and have probably only had one for this holiday a full three times in my life, and I am okay with that.  Would it have been nice to spend the 14th with a guy I liked in the past?  Sure!  But I was already too in love with my friends.

So being positive (and when my bank account allowed it), I would make date plans with my friends instead, and buy little gifts to show my appreciation.  While it probably sounds corny, it was always worth it to see their surprised faces, and share the rest of the day swapping candy and laughing for hours.

But lastly, and probably, what I want to stress most about Valentine’s day, and what I think is most important everyday in life is:


#3: Self-love

brit tat.jpgSelf-love is something that I have grown to be a huge advocate for throughout my college years.  I didn’t always have the best self-esteem, and whether people knew it or not, I was very self-conscious.  Not only in terms of personality, or intelligence, but mostly in terms of my body.   It has always been a huge game of tug-of-war when it has come to accepting myself in that way.  But during my freshmen year in college, I saw my struggle as an opportunity to reinvent myself.

So on February 12, 2015, as a Valentines Day gift to myself, I got “Love Yourself First” tattooed in script on the right side of my ribs.

While I haven’t, magically, stopped tugging on that rope in my mind, these permanent words on my body are a reminder that I am the most important person and Valentine that I will ever need to love.

So if you are someone who might be feeling a little sad about Valentines Day… don’t. The 14th doesn’t have to be about sharing romantic love, it can be about celebrating the love you have towards your friends, family, and even embracing the love you have for yourself.  Treat yourself, not necessarily on a tattoo, like I did.  But with anything that makes you feel happy and strong.   You deserve it.

 Be you.  Love you.  Always.  All Ways.  – Alex Elle

Happy Valentines Day!

Please Note: The views of our student bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of the UAlbany Advisement Services Center. These are their stories  –  their voices.
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Brittany N.
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