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Picking flower Petals: Does he like me? Does he not?

     Okay so there’s this guy who you can say caught my eye. He’s pretty tall, plays ball, nice smile, great style. Kind of cocky, maybe snotty, won’t lie he’s not my ideal type. But for some reason I can’t get him off my mind.

     It’s my sophomore year and trust me there are plenty of guys who are all around this campus. Some I didn’t mind talking to but then, they turned out not to be the guys I thought they were. So I’m probably the only one who is going to talk about her love life, but I’m okay with putting it all out there. 

     There was this guy I met my freshman year, I won’t say any names. He was really goofy and if you couldn’t tell I am the same way. He was really interesting to me because I like guys who are a puzzle. Maybe that’s me just being weird, but hey I don’t mind a challenge.  My friends called him an asshole and I can’t lie he was. He didn’t seem to respect females but I am not one to judge. I don’t know what about him caught my attention because, at the time I was only into his friend. But for some reason he spoke first, and all of a sudden I was into him.

heart-283146_960_720     I probably sound crazy as hell and if he knew I was talking about him, it would be so embarrassing. I’m pretty insecure and back then if I told him how I felt, it would cross boundaries that I probably couldn’t dealt with.

     So to continue with the story, I downloaded this app called Tinder which was a big mistake. PLEASE STAY AWAY, THAT APP IS NOT THE WAVE. Once on Tinder I saw him appear, gave it a right swipe because it would never match anyway. But to my surprise it popped up saying


     You could only imagine how fast my heart was beating when I saw this notification. A dumb girl in love with only an appearance. At first I took it to heart, thought maybe this boy saw something in me, which made me feel lost. What I saw as him feeling me, my friends made me realize was all just a joke to him.  He would never take anything I said seriously, because like I said he’s an asshole, and I was the dumb girl falling for him.

     Long story short it took some time to get over him. Though I avoided every contact with him, my feelings seemed to never go away. Maybe I was wrong for judging him so quickly, but compared to his friends I couldn’t see him any differently.

     Looking back now I thought I would never get over him. But I am so happy I realized I can do wayyyyy, add some more ayyyyyy, better than him. I am at a point where I am extremely happy with who I’ve got.

     The moral of the story is to never feel as though you will not find happiness in college. There are some people who you see, and think they will be the one. But don’t let the idea of them cloud your vision, not allowing you to see them for who they really are. Don’t come to college with the idea that you will instantly fall in love. Like everything in the world finding the right person takes time. Once you know your worth, and know what you deserve you won’t be in my position, falling for a dickhead named Leprechaun. Take the time to know someone before jumping to the idea, that they are all you want. Take it from me the girl who falls so easily. Don’t rush it, stay patient, know your worth, once all that is done the right one will come knocking.

anastasiaAnastasia W.
Class of 2018
Major: English
Minor: Psychology
Blog Theme: Patience, Love & Acceptance


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2 comments on “Picking flower Petals: Does he like me? Does he not?

  1. Girl, this is honestly my life and I love that you posted this. I know in my family my older aunt are pushing me to find someone to marry but I tell them I’m going to wait and not jump for the first guy who catches my eye. LOVE THIS!


  2. Thank you so much, glad you could relate. ☺️


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