Project MyStory BrochureBecoming a part of the Project MyStory experience was an amazing experience. I was able to do a lot of self-reflecting and really focus on the relationships I have with people in my life. I have always been independent and when it came to brainstorming ideas, I would try to figure it out for myself. As I got more involved with Project MyStory and we had our monthly meetings, I felt myself getting more comfortable with my group. I began to see the importance of interacting with others and not being so close-minded because I got to bounce my ideas off of other people. I usually don’t like to because, I like to sit and be focused without distractions. However, I loved sitting and talking with them because even if what I had to say did not really relate, they listened and gave me feedback. They helped me realize, how much more I can do, I just have to put myself forward. And I appreciated Asha, Joe, Lee, Simonti, Kate, and Rachel for being a part of this journey with me. I really hope my readers self-reflect and that I encouraged them to open-up, as I did.

Because I Need You AdvertisementWhen I planned my events for my theme, ‘Because I Need You’, it was sudden and I had enough time to prepare for it although it was quick. This was the second month of classes and I had not really gotten to talk to my peers and know them on a level outside of ‘work mode’. Honestly, I was struggling a bit, between getting everything together, my job, six classes, and working up the nerve to approach people to talk to them about my event. It touched my heart that my friend, Lee, who I met through Project MyStory, came to my events and he supported me. He didn’t really have to help me, and I was a little shocked, because I wasn’t expecting it. Little does he know, having that bit of support pushed me to do it more, because I was no longer just doing for myself but I was also doing it for all my friends who came out and had my back. I wanted people to know about my event and participate, I just got a little shy, and it felt good to know that he had my back. I will forever consider him a supportfriend, because while I was encouraging others to express how much they needed the people in their lives, I wasn’t even acknowledging the people in mine. I just want to thank you Lee for being there for me and being a good friend, because I need you.

Rachel, oh, she was so amazing and it was a pleasure to work with her for this project. When I first met her, her energy was so positive and I knew that this was going to be a great experience. She really looked at me and from that, I wanted to be a part of a group that she was a leader of, because I felt that she was going to push me. As I hoped, it was true, and it was quite an experience. From the beginning, when I told her about my theme she was as enthusiastic about it as I was, and it was nice to share that excitement with someone. Rachel helped me prepare extensively. With her all her other obligations going on, she made time to help me schedule the tabling, make post cards, come up with decoration ideas for my board and the list just continues. She even came to an event and helped me see what I was doing wrong. I came into this program expecting to better my writing and really help people show their appreciation because this was a rough year. A lot of people walked in and out of my life and it was so unexpected, and I did not realize it could have happened. So I just wanted to give other people a chance, to express their gratitude. I am so grateful that Rachel helped me get involved within the UAlbany campus and opened me to outlet for me to positively deal with my situations. I just want to thank Rachel for believing in me so much that everyone believed in me from the advising office, to UAlbany students. You have really helped carry me throughout this semester, and I am truly thankful, because I need you.

About the Author:

Karen HKaren H. 
Class of 2019 
Major: Intended - English
Minor: Spanish
Blog Theme: Because I Need You


Please Note: The views of our student bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of the UAlbany Advisement Services Center. These are their stories and their voices.

Established in March 2015, Project MyStory is a community building effort to help students better acclimate to UAlbany and to work more effectively toward their goals. We began in UAlbany’s Academic Support Center (ASC), where you will see many of the posters featured above. We are now co-housed in ASC and in the Center for International Education and Global Strategy (CIEGS).

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