I want to continue talking about stress and the mind. I know that for me, the stress is setting in now that we have so little time left in the semester and believe me it is hitting hard. My mind is becoming my own worst enemy as it is reminding me about the negative and not the positive. It is telling me about how many times I have failed and how I have screwed up entire semesters in the past. I hope this is not happening to you, but if it is, I want to help as best I can. And believe me, I need this post as much as you do. I need my support groups more than ever now and I want to reinforce in your minds that they are there for you. When it seems like everything is falling down around you and you are losing your grip, find that safe space that you need and gain strength from it. But this post is not all negative and sad. I want to share some ways which have really helped me in the past during finals time, and I am sure will continue to help me in the next two weeks.

  1. Stay as calm and focused as you can.

    For me the ultimate cause of stress, anxiety, and worry is when I procrastinate or lose focus and it seems that my work is not getting done, or it feels insufficient. Do what you need to do to keep your focus and you will learn that your mind will begin to calm. If you have gone a few good hours studying, take a short 5-10 minute break, stretch your legs, take a walk. Or maybe even reward yourself by eating with friends or getting to bed earlier than usual. Those are not bad things, and most of the time they can be refreshing, and when we return to our work we find that it has become easier or not as daunting. Just remember to find that calm space, that focus and channel it into your work. There is no overarching answer or formula, you have to find what works for you and implement it.

  1. Know that you did your best and trust yourself.

This is a hard thing to come to terms with and accept, but I have found it to be crucial to my success and my confidence. When you are sitting waiting as your final is being passed out or about to submit a paper, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and tell yourself that you did your best. And you will find that a peace will come. Many people do not understand how powerful self-confidence can be and it is detrimental to them. It may take time to reach a point of self-validation and the realization that you are good enough but you will get there. As always stay awesome, stay true, stand proud, and finish strong. I am in it with you.  

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Lee MLee M. 
Class of 2017 | Transfer 
Major: Communication and English 
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