Part 2 of The 4 Stages of Homesickness

Halfway through the lecture, paying full attention when suddenly

*stomach grumbles*

Brain: Remember eating gyros after school in the park? Or that time you fed cheerios to all the ducks at the lake? Pay attention. Remember how beautiful and cozy my last room was? Remember in sophomore year when school would end at 5 and I would get home at 8? Do you remember that winter? How heavy it was? Ugh. Pay attention. Remember how you would walk from the bus stop to school to your friend’s house to pick him up and back to school in the morning? Remember how beautiful the mornings were?

“That’s all the time we have for today. Make sure to review your notes before next class”

Brain: WHAT?!!!


Welcome to phase 5. I call this a new stage from phase 4 because, unlike 4, the memories don’t hurt anymore. I find myself living life and suddenly a sound, a smell, or just nothing triggers a very vivid memory making me feel like I am back at that moment from my past. From there, I string onto more and more memories that feel so vivid and real. Throughout time I have become more appreciative of these memories instead of putting myself down and wishing I was still at home by doing one thing: Staying engaged.

Throughout my week I keep myself engaged by making plans with friends and family so I always have something to look forward to. I found that this not only keeps me excited for a certain day but it helps me build memories here. In the past month, I’ve been feeling more and more at home with Albany by hanging out with friends and going to places like Thatcher Park, bowling, Northway Mall, Crossings Park or even just exploring campus together. Albany feels more than just school and home now.

When I am waiting around for my plans with family or friends to come around I keep myself engaged in my studies. Everyday there is something to do (even if there isn’t anything- college, right?). Here’s what my highlights for next week look like:

Monday – Finish this blog, Intro to Latin Midterm assignment, Intro to Creative writing reflections, work

Tuesday – Shopping with Mum, Study ahead in Bio, Study ahead in Chem, work

Wednesday – Fill out FAFSA, Study ahead in Bio, Study ahead in Chem

Thursday – Work, Do Bio and Chem end of chapter questions, Friend’s throwing a birthday party

Friday – Bio and Chem online Mastering “study area” practice, read over my lecture notes, work

Saturday – Go to the temple, Piano lessons, go to the library, work

Sunday – Cook, Pick up Mum from work, Dinner at restaurant with family

I found that keeping myself engaged all the time helps me stay 300% focused on school work. Even when I’m away from studying like walking to school or showering I find myself going over vocabulary words and concepts I’ve learned from lectures which helped me bring my grades up significantly. Having higher grades, a much more efficient process, and something to look forward to helps me push away the feeling that I wish I was home because I’m enjoying my time here too.

About the Author:

Simonti BSimonti B.
Class of 2019
Major: Intended - Biology
Blog Theme: Writing My Own Chapter 

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