mark-516277_960_720I am about a month into the job and I am getting the hang of things. Staying organized is a major key and it is not usually something that is enjoyable. It can be tedious and time consuming, but it usually pays off in the end – if you give yourself enough time. I say this because for any few weeks there can be a plethora of projects and assignments that need to be completed. The easiest way to get overwhelmed is to be unorganized. At least when I am organized, I know when I am in over my head – instead of finding out at the last possible minute. Time management is an important feature to staying organized. Not only do I need to know the length and details of the assignment, I need to have an estimate on how long it will actually take me to complete it.

files-720612_960_720.jpgOrganization is applicable to most aspects of life; work, school, sports, training, dancing and vacations, and many, many other areas. So, you might as well get used to it, or at least figure out how to do it. It is not rocket science and it does not need to be complicated. There is a famous quote by Bill Gates, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job…Because, he will find an easy way to do it.” Let us think about what that means for basic organization – sure you can go ahead and color code all your binders, but you can also say this is my English folder, science folder; due next week folder, due tomorrow folder, etc. Take this with a grain of salt, but what I am saying is that organization is a key to my success.

blogger-336371_960_720.jpgIn school, I was never organized beyond having separate notebooks and maybe a folder for each class, but even then I would forget a notebook here or there and end up writing Macro in my Micro notes. But, what I took from that was I should always have a backup plan, a plan B. Instead of having two disorganized sets of notes, I started taking my laptop with me and began taking notes in MSWord. It was much easier and simpler for me to only need to carry a laptop to every class. I even took it a step further, I started using Google Drive. I could use my phone to take notes and even access them from anywhere. I could sign into google and study or take more notes. Looking at it now, a lazy person would have told me just to use my phone in the first place.

calendar-1174839_960_720.jpgAnother important feature of organization and time management is planning ahead. This was able to help me save some serious cash on transportation to and from the city. I simply took a calendar and mapped out the days I would be traveling. I would either be taking a peak train, an off peak train or taking the subway to my friend’s house in Brooklyn. Without taking fifteen minutes to plan out my schedule, I would have been paying for it straight out of my wallet. I was able to create a travel schedule that cost the least. By gathering all of the pricing information and ticket options, I was able to make an informed decision. Now, if the time ever came where I need to help plan out future expenses at work or even book a family vacation I know how to start – with some organizing.


Thinking about when to do things is just as important as knowing how to do them. If someone who builds amazing houses agrees to build two houses at the same time everything is either going to take twice as long or he is simply not going to be able to build the other house. I may be over simplifying it, but that is my experience. As much as I always love having something to do, I have grown accustomed to spacing out my time and working carefully instead of hastily. I feel that college is sort of the opposite. They want you to know how to do everything and be able to tell them how to do it in an hour. Due dates are important and present in the work environment, but you set your pace. You have the freedom to decide what your work will represent; a project turned in on time, completed well or a project turned in one day late, completed with extreme diligence.

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Billy LBilly L.
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Major: Intended-Business Administration
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 Studying Abroad in NYC

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