new-york-668616_960_720.jpgHello. My name is Billy Lang and I am a second year student at the University at Albany. Currently, I am living back in my hometown of Stratford, Connecticut. I have recently been offered the opportunity to pursue an internship in New York City, working as an Intern for the Chief Compliance Officer of Nikko Asset Management Americas. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing with you my story. A story that is inspired by education, both in the classroom and on the job. One of the many challenges for college students and graduates is finding valuable experience in the work place. Over the past decade, standards to qualify for entry level positions have been increasingly adding value to internships and relevant experience over degrees alone. As the work force is changing, the way in which I learn must change as well. My blog will about the broad concepts of working with a team, learning by doing, and applying all of the 21st century skills that move businesses and people forward. We have spent most of our life sitting in the classroom, reading text books, and writing essays that will never be read again. Now, I am changing that for myself. I will be spending most of my Spring 2016 working with business professionals who are looking to share their experience and offer their knowledge; these are the teachers that I am looking forward to having.

new-york-472392_960_720.jpgThroughout my academic career I have had many different goals in mind. When I first came to Albany I was going for Bachelor’s degrees in Public Policy and Public Administration. I thought that I wanted to spend my professional life working for a town or city somewhere trying to solve local problems. It wasn’t until I took a course in Spring of 2015, Institutions and Policy in Business Regulation, that I was enlightened on
another field, another way for me to accomplish my goals. I’ve always been motivated by fighting adversity, helping those who need it most. That was originally what drew me to the political science arena, I always believed that only public officials could solve our world’s most troubling problems, but I quickly learned that is not the case. The field of compliance, especially in the financial sector, has the capability of protecting millions and millions of people across the globe.

There are a few ways to learn in this world; learning through experience and learning through education. In 2008, we experienced a financial crisis that was caused by big banks and other mega financial corporations. Our government was handing out bail outs because of how heavily important these financial instructions are to our economy. First hand, I experienced the recession. It wasn’t long after that my father was laid off and my family of four was left stunned, shocked and paralyzed by the news. We did not know what was going to happen next. I am passionate about my opportunity to see the business end of the deal, to learn how compliance departments are handling the ever changing laws, regulations and taxi-cab-381233_960_720products. It is the combination of how a business profits and how they comply with government that I am interested in.

The main goal I set for myself is to one day own my own business. Whether it is my own restaurant, an asset management firm or an application software company, it is my responsibility now, as a student, to retain as much knowledge as possible. There is no better source of knowledge then a successful company who has been in the market for years and years. Going to school is important, but having a sensei is a major key. To admit that someone else knows more than you do, is the first step in learning. My mentors, over the past few years have been teachers who know the fundamentals, the basic principles of what it means to run a business. Now, I will see the personal touches, the secret methods, and tricks of the trade. You can’t do much in life without knowing the fundamentals and you won’t stick out if you look just like the next guy. In other words, this semester will be about stepping out of the classroom and stepping into the work place in New York City.

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About the Author:

Billy LBilly L.
Class of 2018 
Major: Intended-Business Administration
Spring 2016 Blog Theme: 
The Out of State Student Experience: Studying Abroad in NYC

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