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My life is like my name, Karen Marie Herbert, crude, blunt, and strong. In a nutshell, some might call my life a harsh reality, where others might say I’m blessed.  I know exactly where I want to go and who I want with me. I can tell almost anyone what they want to know about me, like my favorite color is pink. And how I love the taste of baked macaroni pie with all the right spices, my intense need for organization and perfection, and my passion for writing and teaching. But then there are the things that I can’t quite explain, the things that go unsaid but are understood. Like the relationships in my life that seems so unimportant, and so nonexistent, that I look over their worth. But we need everyone who’s in our lives, like our teachers, advisors, classmates, suitemates, friends, sisters, mentors, because we don’t realize how much they affect us, so we bypass them. I want to shed light on the people in my life that people tend to devalue in theirs. I can show everyone their worth and the roles they play in their communities, and it would also show people how reliant they are on others. I want to help people open up and talk to the people in their lives, and start by saying “Because I need you…” and list all the reasons their role, however big or small, is important.


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About the Author:

Karen HKaren H. 
Class of 2019 
Major: Intended - English
Minor: Spanish
Biology Spring 2016 
Blog Theme: Because I Need You

Established in March 2015, Project MyStory is a community building effort to help students better acclimate to UAlbany and to work more effectively toward their goals. We began in UAlbany’s Academic Support Center (ASC), where you will see many of the posters featured above. We are now co-housed in ASC and in the Center for International Education and Global Strategy (CIEGS).

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