Liz’s Story

Elizabeth Brigham
Transfer Student
Class of  2018
Major: Communication
MyStory Blog: Homebody for Everybody 

In The spring of 2015, I graduated from my community college MVCC, in my hometown, Utica, NY, with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications. I was pretty much set. I had a paid internship with the Marketing and Communications Department of the school as a Graphic Artist and it was most likely going to turn into a job. But, there was something missing. I felt empty sitting behind that computer screen and I knew I could do so much more. I wanted to share my visions with crowds. I wanted to inspire people. I didn’t want to sit behind a computer screen all day making logos and advertisements that were constantly critiqued by the corporate environment I was working in. I also knew that there was more I had to experience in my college career.

I decided to study communications at an SUNY school. I put in the search and came across UAlbany. As soon as I walked on that campus I fell in love. I knew it was my new challenge. I was going to make it big here. Of course, when I got here, I had to come over the obstacle of homesickness. I was so used to living at home with my cats and my family. When coming to UAlbany, I had to find a whole new routine and a new support system. Luckily by joining clubs and implementing things from home in my dorm room I was able to overcome homesickness.

Liz at the Interfaith Center – Photo from 

I was very active, joining the Interfaith Coalition and Toastmasters. The Interfaith Coalition immediately welcomed me in like a family. They are very compassionate and understanding people. UAlbany Toastmasters was also a great group, mostly for professional and education reasons though. I also utilized the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center. I found a couple good friends there. Also, as a Transfer Student I participated in many activities offered to Transfer Students only and that opened a great deal of doors for me.

I now feel more out of place at home because I’m so used to my routine at school. Funny how things work out like that. There are so many things you could be struggling with. Maybe it’s keeping a good budget, homesickness, finding friends, or maybe just passing your classes. My advice is to use your resources. Talk to counselors, join clubs, attend events, get a tutor, visit your professor’s office hours, speak with your advisor. All of this could improve your campus life ten-fold. My Involvement helped me find clubs I was interested in. The Counseling Center helped me talk about my homesickness. And my advisor helped me find a tutor for my math class. This can be a scary part of your life, kind of like you have to figure everything out now. But here’s the thing, you don’t. Just do what you’ve always done. Find something you like, do your best at it, and the rest will fall into place.