Meet Our MyStory Bloggers

Project MyStory is a community building effort  to help students better acclimate to UAlbany.  Through videos, blogs, posters, small group meetings, and presentations, our MyStory Bloggers help other students by sharing their experiences – the good and the  bad; the ugly and the beautiful. They are not holding back so we hope that you are ready to be real with them! Connections are established, relationships are formed, hope overcomes pessimism through the telling of our stories.


Meet Our MyStory Bloggers

The links to their blogs will go live once their first post is available.

anastasiaAnastasia W.
Class of 2018
Major: English
Minor: Psychology
Blog Theme: Patience, Love & Acceptance

phoebePhoebe E. 
Class of 2016
Major: History
Minor: English
Blog Theme: Trials and Triumphs 
of a Non-Traditional Student... 
img_20160825_083203-002Elizabeth B.
Class of 2018
Major: Communication
Minor: Art
Blog Theme: Homebody for Everybody

leobiannyLeobianny H.
Class of 2019
Majors: English & Communication
Workshop Theme: Embracing the Uncomfortable

ashndamien-003Ashley W.
Class of 2017
Major: Social Welfare
Blog/Workshop Theme: Through the Looking Glass
A Look at the Past and Present...
melissa-ferringMelissa F.
Class of 2018
Majors: Spanish & Communication
Blog Theme: Fierce & Freaked

Simonti BSimonti B.
Class of 2019
Major: Intended - Biology
Blog Theme: Writing My Own Chapter 


Kate EKate E. 
Class of 2018 
Major: Communication 
Minor: Journalism and Philosophy
Spring 2016 Blog Theme: 

Asha PAsha P.
Class of 2016 | Transfer
Major: Communication
Minor: Psychology
Blog Theme: Women A Loud
Workshop Theme: Here @ UAlbany
Billy LBilly L.
Class of 2018 
Major: Intended-Business Administration
Blog Theme: The Out of State Student Experience:
 Studying Abroad in NYC

Joe DJoe D.
Class of 2019
Major: Intended - Business Administration
Blog Theme: Where I'm Coming From
Lee MLee M. 
Class of 2017 | Transfer 
Major: Communication and English 
Blog Theme: Struggling on the Pathway to Success
 - Thoughts of C Average Student

Karen HKaren H. 
Class of 2019 
Major: Intended - English
Minor: Spanish
Blog Theme: Because I Need You

ChristineChristina E.
Class of 2018 | Transfer
Major: Intended - Biology
Minor: Psychology
Blog Theme: Born Again Freshman

TiffanyTiffany A. 
Class of 2016 
Major: English (Honors) 
Minor: Women's, Gender, 
and Sexuality Studies 
Blog Theme: Dreams Deferred